Celebrate Safely this Independence Day!

Celebrate Safely this Independence Day!

Wishing you a happy and safe Independence Day, celebrating with people you care for. While you're at it, send up some thanks that we do still have Independence. Our freedom is something to be cherished.

Meanwhile, if you live where you can buy and use your own fireworks, please be careful! Summer is no time to have fire dropping to the ground.

Keep your garden hoses out, and be alert - just in case a neighbor gets silly.

Oh, and please remember to keep your pets indoors. Animal rescues get more lost pet calls on the 5th of July than any other time of year. Some dogs and cats are so terrified of fireworks, gunfire, and thunderstorms that they just start to run, and don't stop. Sometimes they run so hard and so far that they can't find their way home again.

Even when you're keeping them inside, there's no sense in allowing them to suffer from their fear. Especially not when Feel Bach! can help.

If you have our "Thunder Storms" formula, begin giving it in the morning, or even the previous day. If you don't have any, use Feel5ive to help ease the stress your pets may experience this 4th of July.

Best wishes for joy and safety - from the whole Feel Bach! team.