Can Flower Essences Help You Find Love?

Can Flower Essences Help You Find Love?

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Do you have someone to share it with? If not, Dr. Bach's essences may be able to help you change that situation by next Valentine's Day.

How? By helping you overcome the emotional imbalances that are preventing you from finding love. For instance:

Centaury will help rid you of feelings of inferiority – so you CAN reach out to meet someone new, or make your feelings known to someone who is in your life right now.

Cherry Plum will allow you to "let go of the reins" and allow yourself to give in to your loving feelings.

Gentian is another essence that will give you confidence – to believe in yourself and your worth to others.

Water Violet will help you develop "people skills" and allow you to bond with others.

The reasons for being alone are many, and most of them are rooted in our own emotions. So visit FeelBach! and fill out the questionnaire.It will give you insight into yourself and you'll come away with the perfect formula to get your emotional life back on track.