Bach flowers would help her, but...

Bach flowers would help her, but... Do you know someone who would drive you crazy if you let them?

There's a woman I see at a place where I volunteer who would do that to me. She's one of those people who knows absolutely everything about everything. And she's usually full of hot air.

But I've been thinking about her lately, and realizing that the reason for her objectionable behavior is her own low self-esteem. She's trying to build herself up by setting the rest of us straight. She's so sure of her convictions that sometimes I wonder if she's actually right, but so far I haven't found that to be true.

This week she tried to tell me that the bees who turned my ankles into balloons a week or so ago weren't yellow jackets because one of them left a stinger in my leg. She swore that yellow jackets never lose their stingers. Hmmm... so why does the internet have so many sites giving instruction for removing yellow jacket stingers?

Those of us who know about energy know that Bach flower remedies would help her - but they never will, because she'd never try. I doubt that she's ever done the self-reflection to realize why she needs to jump into every conversation and tell everyone else they're wrong - or the research to realize that she's almost always wrong. But more than that, she'd never try any kind of remedy that didn't come from a pharmacy.

Bach flower essences could help this woman regain her self-confidence and allow her to be someone whose company others could enjoy.

It's too bad - I feel sorry for her. But I also feel happy to know that you and I and others like us do know about energy - and know what to do about it if we start to experience energy blocks and begin to fall prey to unhealthy emotional states.

Bach flowers are always there to help us get back on track - and that's a good thing.