Bach Flower Remedies - for People and Pets

Bach Flower Remedies - for People and Pets Tonight while waiting for dinner to cook I browsed through a pet catalog that came today. I was trying to figure out what was in a spray they were advertising to calm dogs - advertised at a mere $39.99. I never did figure out if it was something natural, or some kind of chemical that would do harm in the long run.

Of course I was thinking about Feel5ive and it's safety and comparatively low cost.

Then I started thinking about all the anti-depressants that people take - I read last week that it is a $12 Billion per year industry. And all those people are taking pills that can do long-term damage to their bodies. It makes me shudder to think of it. I'll stick with Flower Essences, thanks.

About that time dinner looked like it was ready to put on the table, so I started to shut the catalog when something else caught my eye. It was an advertisement for Feel5ive Remedy.

Now we all know that Feel5ive Remedy was the standard for relieving stress before Feel5ive came along and offered Dr. Bach's original formula - but I had no idea about the price!

The same 20 ml bottle that Feel Bach! offers for $7.95 was $22.99!

So, when you order Feel5ive for your pets (or yourself) you not only get the formula the way Dr. Bach intended it, you save over $15 per bottle! I'm still amazed.