Bach Flower Essences for Today's Economic Woes

Bach Flower Essences for Today's Economic Woes No, Bach Flower Essences aren't going to make your house worth more or cause the company you work for to stop laying off employees - but they just might lift your attitude enough to assure that YOU won't be one of the people out of a job.

Depression, fear, worry, and sadness over the state of the economy seems to be the dominant feeling everywhere you look these days. You can't pick up a newspaper without seeing more bad news, and that seems to be what everyone is talking about, too.

But, as in every economic crisis, some people will continue to thrive, both financially and emotionally. I think you'll agree that it's a good idea to be part of that group.

We all gravitate toward people who make us feel better - and avoid those who make us feel worse. So not giving in to gloomy thoughts right now and instead keeping an up-beat, can-do attitude will go a long way toward making sure that opportunities come your way.

Gorse is one of the flower essences that can help. According to the FeelBach! brochure, Gorse is for those who lose hope and faith. It insulates us from negative thoughts and gives us confidence to move on with hope and positive feelings.

And, since it's difficult not to feel envious of the corporate executives who have been paid multi-million dollar bonuses while taking billions from the Federal coffers for their failing companies, Holly might be a good choice. It helps release hatred, envy, and resentment.

Hornbeam and Mimulus also help rid us of negative feelings and fear, so could be appropriate today.

Only you know just what feelings this economy is causing in you - so get out your FeelBach! brochure and decide just what help you need. If you don't have one yet, just go to FeelBach! and request it - there's no charge.

Feeling the best you can feel in spite of the bad news around you is the best thing you can do to assure that you come through this crisis healthy, happy, and financially OK.