Avoid Christmas Overload

Avoid Christmas Overload If you're one who can't seem to say "No," it's time to invest in the flower remedy Centaury.

This time of year you can get pulled in far too many directions, and allow other people's wants and needs to destroy your pleasure in the holiday.

This year, decide which activities you want to enjoy. If you love baking cookies for your child's class, do it. If you want to host 3 parties and attend 6 more, do it. If you love going shopping with 3 other people, do it. If you want the whole family to come for Christmas Dinner, invite them.

But if you really don't want to do one or more of those things, let Centaury from Feel Bach! give you the assertiveness to "just say no."

This year, focus your attention on those activities that will bring you and your immediate family the most pleasure...