Are You Trying to be a Saint?

Are You Trying to be a Saint?

Are you denying yourself the pleasure of living so that you can live up to self-imposed standards of living?

Do you impose rigid practices that you feel can NOT be broken? For instance, getting up early every morning to run, then heading for the gym before sitting down to a prescribed meal? Do you deny yourself good tasting food and drink because it doesn't fit your idea of what is "good and right?"

And then, do you set mandatory standards on so many hours a day of meditation or prayer?

If so, you're probably frustrated by the demands of daily life, and probably castigating yourself for not being able to measure up. Your self-reproach far outweighs the benefit you might have gotten from hour hours of meditation.

If this is you, you're in a negative Rock Water state, and you've cut yourself off from your Higher Self. You've stunted your own spiritual growth.

Although grouped with the Bach Flower Essences, the answer to your situation is not actually a flower essence. It is Rock Water - water taken from natural springs in areas untouched by civilization. These waters are exposed to the sun, the wind, the vegetation, and the native animal life that surrounds them.

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