Are you sorry?

Are you sorry? Years ago, I knew a young boy who was sorry all the time.

He said "I'm sorry" so often that most adults wanted to send him outside, or maybe put a tape across his mouth. There was no use telling him he didn't need to be sorry. He'd just apologize for saying he was sorry!

You see, he was sorry when there was nothing to be sorry for. At the time I wondered if he was just being sorry in advance, because he was constantly getting into trouble for something.

Now that I know about the negative Pine state, I think he was constantly sorry. He felt that he had to apologize for his very existence, along with apologizing for a multitude of situations and events that had nothing to do with him.

For instance: If someone said "It sure is hot out today." He'd say "I'm sorry."

That poor annoying child was really suffering. I wish I'd known about Bach Flower Remedies then. I could have helped him, and his poor Mom. She had to feel a little wild after hearing it all day every day.

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