Are You a Loner?

Are You a Loner? If you're a loner, and if you'd prefer to make nurturing connections with the people around you, Bach flower essences can help.

Usually, we're loners for one of two reasons: One is that we're excessively self-reliant and have such high expectations of others than they can never please us.

Water Violet helps to dispel the posture of excessive self-reliance and autonomy, while allowing such individuals to begin bonding with those around them. Vine helps those who are domineering and push others away by demanding too much.

The other reason is shyness - otherwise known as fear. People who feel inferior in some way, or who believe they'll be ridiculed if they make an effort to connect, often retreat into loneliness rather than take the risk of rejection.

Several of the Bach flowers help dispel feelings of insecurity and inferiority. Centaury, Gentian, Larch, and Mimulus each addresses a different underlying issue that can prevent people from connecting with others.

If this is you, study the 38 Bach Flower Essences descriptions at Feel Bach! or take the questionnaire and let our experts create the proper formula for you.

Don't spend another day wishing you could connect with others when the solution is so close at hand.