Anxiety causes other physical symptoms

Anxiety causes other physical symptoms This week one of the pet forums had a question about a dog who became constipated when upset. The dog's person wrote to ask for advice, because the dog was clearly miserable and the veterinarian had told her not to worry about it.

The answers this woman got were all about diet - what to feed the dog to get her system back on track. All of them completely missed the part about what had caused the problem: anxiety.

Of course I wrote and told her about Fee5ive and the other pet remedies for specific fears - thunderstorms (loud noise) and being left home alone.

But what struck me about the whole discussion was that all of those people, while trying to help, were addressing ways to cure the symptoms - not to alleviate the cause.

I think all of us who experience unusual and annoying physical symptoms should stop and think about the cause.

It's true that too much of a new kind of physical exertion will cause a sore back, knee, or arm - but what if you've had no different physical exertion? Then it's time to ask if something emotional is bothering you.

The same can be said for almost any physical ailment you experience. If you can't see a clear path from cause to effect, look to your emotional state for the cause.

Finding the root of the problem requires complete honesty - but fortunately for all of us, we need only be honest with ourselves. Using either the descriptions of the 38 flower essences at FeelBach! or using the questionaire, we can get the right flower essences to rebalance our energies without having to admit our innermost feelings to another soul.