A word of warning to all... back up your files!

A word of warning to all... back up your files! If ever there was a good time for me to have a bottle of Feel5ive on hand, it was this one - when my hard drive suddenly crashed and I realized a bit too late that I hadn't backed up all the photographs stored in my computer!

The other files were important, yes - but the photos are irreplacable. Bach flower essences can help you deal with the disappointment, but even they can't replace photos.

I'm still hoping that the repair man will have good news for me tomorrow, and that he'll have been able to retrieve some or all of my files. But he didn't hold out much hope for that. I'm really kicking myself for not making it a habit to do a back up at least every week or so - instead of every once in a while when I thought about it.

Meanwhile, I'm hoping that all my friends will write to ask why they haven't heard from me and I'll be able to get email addresses back. That's one thing I had never learned how to back up. Now I'll learn.

Tonight I'm blundering along on my husband's laptop - which is awkward at best. Tomorrow I will hopefully get my computer back - with it's new hard drive - and begin the process of re-installing programs and reconstructing my work files.

So - a word to the wise. Get an external hard drive, and USE it to back up your files regularly. Losing things that matter really isn't any fun!