What is the compatibility of each Dr. Bach Flower with the others?

All thirty-eight Flowers may be combined with each other.

In comparison with homeopathic remedies, for instance, Dr. Bach Flowers form a harmonious group or family. Bach called them "the happy fellows of the plant world." Even Flowers that represent opposite states of mind can and sometimes must be used together when both states are present at the same time.

The coexistence of two opposite behavior patterns is a common problem because one pattern frequently compensates for the other.

For example, a person may be the one who gives in at home (Centaury) and the one who is demanding and bossy at work (Vine).

With the help of Dr. Bach Flowers both traits may be harmonized so that at home this person is able to say what he or she needs (Centaury) and thus doesn't feel the pressing need to impose opinions at work (Vine).