What can I expect from a spontaneous choice?

Often overvalued, misunderstood, or even misused, spontaneous choice is best employed as an additional diagnostic tool during Bach Flower interviews. In this technique a quick choice of bottles is made from an unpacked collection of all thirty-eight Essences. The spontaneous choice shows a snapshot of the current subconscious state.

It has been particularly effective with children (up to eight or nine years old) who have shown a remarkable accuracy in picking what they need. One explanation of this phenomenon is that their natural sensitivity is still working clearly.

Children will spontaneously pick those Flowers that will create a balance where there is current disharmony.

With adults a spontaneous choice does not always have the same reliable results, so it’s not advisable to rely on this method alone.

It may suggest a new Flower to think about, but the appropriateness of this Essence would need to be clarified through further discussion.