Thank-you for your help! Four dosages a day is impossible for me...

...I could manage two a day, would i give 8 drops twice a day? Or does it not work that way??? Thanks again.

Dear Susan, An essence given twice a day certainly works; there is no need to increase the dosage. However, its effectiveness is reduced.

What this means is that the speed of recovery or behavioral change will be slower.

Bach essences work first and foremost on the mind, and the brain is one of our more “stubborn” organs; the speed of recovery from a physical injury is always slower than from an emotional scar.

Everything that we refer to as “personality” is imprinted at an early stage in our lives, with our behavior or responses to events imprinted likewise.

How is behavior imprinted? By repetition and learning.

For example, when we learn to drive, we need to activate many centers in our brain and be at our maximum focus.

Then, after enough practice, we perform most driving tasks and responses automatically.

Another example is of a child who hears over and over that s/he is a failure growing up to have a poor self-image and understandably not succeeding. Bach essences work the same way.

They are designed to change thought processes and create new imprints. The more often we have contact with the essence, the earlier the imprint will take place and the faster the recovery.

Therefore, for an individual who feels stuck, I even recommend taking the essence six times a day until s/he feels that s/he is making progress.

On the other hand, increasing the number of drops each time the essence is taken has no benefit.

Unfortunately, even if an individual were to swallow the entire contents of the bottle, the desired change would not take place instantly.

Once again, good luck, Ruth