My show horse gets extremely stressed at competitions, do to loud noises and...

...being overfaced in the past. I have been giving him Feel5ive remedy and it works wonders. I have been thinking about adding something else to help him with his fears, maybe Mimulus or Aspen, and Larch for confidence. What dosages should I give in what order and how often??

Dear Suzanne, Your diagnosis is excellent.

These are indeed the right essences for your horse.

It would be a good idea to give your horse a compound of Mimulus, Aspen, Larch, and Cherry Plum on a regular basis, at a dose of four drops, four times a day.

Give him Feel5ive Remedy on the day of a competition as needed, in addition to the “basic compound” mentioned above, not in place of it.

I believe that after following this care plan, it may be possible to stop the “basic essence”, and gradually stop the Feel5ive Remedy as well.

Regards and good luck, Ruth