Must I consciously study the flowers in my combination in order for them to work?

No, this isn't really necessary. In cases where the combination has been given by a therapist, you needn't understand the specifics of your state in order for the Bach Flowers to show a harmonizing effect.

Don't push yourself to read about all the Flowers at the beginning of your Bach Flower Therapy.

It might even be very confusing to study detailed descriptions when you're in a difficult situation. It may also be difficult to imagine how combinations of Flowers work synergistically to address certain states.

In this context many of us make the mistake of compiling the details in all the descriptions and looking for them in ourselves.

This can leave you feeling as though there's too much to deal with or, if you don't see the connections, can convince you that the Flowers don't apply to you.

Specialists have related that at the beginning of therapy in acute situations, many patients don't care about the content of the combination they are taking. However, as soon as they notice progress, they become more interested.

Thus step by step, more awareness and responsibility develops.