Is there such a thing as a correct or incorrect combination?

An incorrect combination can be suggested whenever a situation is not perceived correctly, and while not dangerous, the more precise the assessment of a situation and the choice of Flowers are, the more effective the combination will be.

When, for example, six specific Flowers are needed in a combination but only three of them are used and three "less correct" ones are also used, the results may still be positive but the progress will be slower.

In practice, each combination can be more or less precise in addressing a specific situation.

A problem can be approached from many different angles; one therapist may prescribe a slightly different combination than another does for the same person and the same reasons—and both may lead to positive results.

However, it is not advisable to take more than one combination at a time.

In Bach Flower Therapy it has proved to be more effective to work with one partner or therapist and one issue at a time.