Is there a general mixture for everyone starting treatment?

No. None of the recommendations of this kind has generally been successful.

At any given time every person who comes to Dr. Bach Flower Therapy has his or her own unique situation, and only this specific situation should be addressed.

One case may present as a deep spiritual exhaustion, another as indecision about a course of action, a third as despair.

Although many people who turn to Dr. Bach Flower Therapy have experienced shock in their lives, there is still no absolute requirement for Feel5ive Remedy or Star of Bethlehem to be part of the first mixture taken; these experiences of shock may already have been digested and thus do not affect each person’s present situation.

In some cases the emotional equilibrium is so seriously disturbed that there is no clear experience of any particular state (for instance, a person reporting, "I can't say anything, I need all the Flowers"). It would then be beneficial to take Feel5ive Remedy for a few days before going any further.