I am constantly tired and irritable. I need some energy...

...I feel like I can sleep at any moment and drink a million diet cokes a day just to get energy and stay awake. I need help !!!

Dear Ann, Here's a Bach compound for you that will give you energy and promote its efficient use:

1. Olive, which stimulates and strengthens the immune system and the body's other systems

2. Hornbeam, which helps us cope with mental fatigue, exhaustion, and burnout

3. Mustard, intended for use in situations of hidden depression, which is the impression I get from your description

4. Gentian for encouragement, optimism, hope, and joie de vivre

This compound should be taken often, as needed, by dissolving eight drops in a cup of mineral water and drinking it slowly.

Besides being a better pick-me-up than diet cola, it's "slightly" healthier! While it's reasonable to assume that this compound will encourage you and give you energy, it is not sufficient on its own, so you'll also need to deal with the causes of your condition.

You have three small children, never an easy situation.

The following essences can help you:

1. It's likely that you feel as you do due to emotional changes and other experiences (Star of Bethlehem).

2. It's also likely that the fatigue that you feel stems from a subconscious attempt to escape your situation (Clematis)...

3. ...and guilt feelings that go along with your situation (Pine).

4. I'm also guessing that you're undergoing some post-partum hormonal changes that weaken and tire you (Walnut).

5. At the same time, drinking diet cola can be an indicator of a tendency toward addictive behavior, and in order to overcome this tendency, Crab apple is recommended.

Hang in there! Ruth