HI, my daugther is 4 year old autistic girl, she does not eat well...

..., she does not sleep well, can I get any help fron bach flower. thanks

Greetings, Bach flower essences do not purport to cure autism, but they are excellent for promoting balance and tranquility regarding the physical and emotional manifestations of autism.

For restful sleep, Vervain and White Chestnut are recommended.

If nightmares and wakefulness are a problem, Aspen should be added.

Regarding eating habits, we need to know the reasons that your daughter isn’t eating (from what you can see): How does she behave when she sits down at the table? What is your sense of her feelings as she sits down at the table? Anger? Disquiet? Sadness? Are there foods that she does like and is willing to eat? How much does she weigh? Is she underweight for her age and body build?

I need this information in order to correctly assess which essence to blend for your daughter.

Regards, Ruth