Hi I'm a 58 year old woman. Was on anti-depressants for a few years

...after the death of my first husband. Am a non-practicing alcoholic. I have a decent life but have no joy. Would mustard be suggested for me?

Dear friend, Dr. Bach distinguished between various types of depression, “the blues”, despair, and loss of hope.

Mustard is good for depression that comes and goes for no apparent reason.

Such depression could be hormonally based.

Based on what you’ve told me, while mustard does not seem to be the right essence for you, it is difficult to advise you what is with the scant information that I have.

What is clear is that one essence alone will not be effective; we need to find the right combination for you.

A good essence for optimism and joy is Gentian, and there are others that can be given after a more thorough assessment of your condition.

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Here’s to light and joy, Ruth