Do your essences contain alcohol? If so, can this be harmful? Can I order alcohol-free essences?

We sell three types of essences: Individual (personal remedies), which are sold in 30 ml / 1oz. bottles and are prepared as per the customer's order.

We preserve the essence in Brandy and spring water, wherein the alcohol level per volume is 25%. This compound lasts six months.

While we don't recommend it, if you wish, we can prepare these essences without alcohol. At the end of the order process, select "Alcohol-Free".

In addition, we sell ready-mixed essences (Bach flower formulas).

These essences are intended for common situations such as insomnia, tension, and smoking cessation. These essences are sold in 20 ml bottles.

We preserve these essences with Brandy at an alcohol level of 40% per volume, and they retain their potency for 10 years.

Lastly, we sell each of the 38 basic Bach essences in 20 ml bottles. These too are preserved in Brandy at an alcohol level of 40% per volume, and are also potent for 10 years.

Like most homeopathic medications, ours are preserved in alcohol, and there is nothing to be afraid of: When used as instructed, the quantity of alcohol consumed will always be less than one milliliter (1 ml/0.034 oz) per day, and in most cases, far less.

If it reassures you, certainly consult with your physician before purchasing our essences; s/he is certain to tell you that our essences cannot harm you.

Indeed, alcohol consumed at such low dosages can even be beneficial.