When impending change instills fear, look to Walnut

When impending change instills fear, look to Walnut

This month is a time of change for the youth of our nation – and for their parents.

Children will soon be beginning first grade – starting high school – going off to college. For many it's exciting, for others it's terrifying, and for some it's both at the same time. The fear can lead to inaction and it can lead to loss of sleep and nightmares.

Then there are the parents. Watching our children go through the stages on their way to adulthood is rewarding, yet fearful. We want them to go forward, yet want to hold them to the past – to the way it was.

The Bach Flower Essence Walnut can help ease this transition, break the spell, and untie the bonds that seek to hold us to the past. At the same time, Walnut will help open the doors to inner inspiration and allow confidence to flourish.

If you and/or your children are feeling anything but joy and anticipation about the coming changes, look to Walnut to help you through the transition.