Sunshine and a working computer - happiness!

Sunshine and a working computer - happiness! Things are looking up around here. I got my computer back on Friday, and the sun has been shining since Friday, too!

We were all starting to wonder if we were going straight from winter back to winter. I'm still a little concerned that some of the garden seeds just mildewed in the ground, but we'll see. The peas are up a couple of inches and I see some tiny green spots where the beans are supposed to show up, so there's hope.

Meanwhile, for whatever reason, this appears to be a "tick summer." I took one off a horse, and a dog who just came into the rescue shelter was covered with them. So, if you have animals that go outside, or if you like walking in the woods, be sure to check for wood ticks. If you find one, don't just panic and pull it loose. You don't want to remove the body and leave the head behind, because you'll get an infected sore from that. If you smother it with something like shortening or if you heat a needle and poke it, it should back out.

The computer still isn't fun - trying to reinstall programs is a time-consuming project and doesn't always go smoothly, but at least the computer guru was able to save most of my files, including the most precious thing of all - the photographs.

I'm really happy over having my keyboard back - still making errors, but not anywhere near so many!

An update on my "scaredy cat" dog at the shelter - He's been on Feel5ive for a couple of weeks and just switched to a custom blend. And today, when I came in he got up and came over instead of hiding in his corner. I feel like we've made terrific progress with a dog who had been severely abused for the last couple of years. Hooray for Augie and for Bach Flower Remedies!

Thanks to a generous donation, all the critters in the shelter are now getting a dose of Feel5ive in their water dishes, and all are more content.

Wishing you a wonderful second half of June!