Helping Small Children Cope With Fear and Anxiety

Helping Small Children Cope With Fear and Anxiety Sometimes it's hard for an adult to understand that a baby or a toddler can experience the same fearful emotions that an adult has. After all, they're just babies, they don't understand the situation.

No, they don't. And that makes it worse. Rather than being able to think through a problem from all sides and understand that it isn't as dire as it appears, those kids are stuck with just the feelings. The emotions and the energy of a situation can lay them low, and if they're very young, they don't even have the language skills to talk to anyone about it. Worse, no one thinks to explain to them that things "really will be OK."

Kids and pets are far more sensitive to energy, emotion, and feeling than are adults. And that's why we as adults need to protect them to the best of our ability.

The first move, of course, is to try to create a life without turmoil so they have no frightening energies to pick up. But that isn't always possible.

If someone is ill, if financial problems are plaguing the household, if there's been a crime or an injury, adults carry it with them and the kids can pick it up.

Adults really do need to remember to talk to small children, even if they don't think those children can understand. They need that reassurance because they already have the fear and apprehension.

And next, they need some help in getting their energies back into alignment.

That's the beauty of Bach Flower Remedies. While they won't work on adults without their knowledge, they do work on small children and pets.

Aspen treats unexplained anxiety – while Gentian and Mimulus treat anxiety and fear when the cause is known. Mustard treats the dark cloud of depression, while Star of Bethlehem treats the effects of trauma. (As when an infant has been in a frightening car accident.)

If you care for a child (or a pet) who appears to be suffering from fear and anxiety, visit and read about the 38 Bach Flower Remedies in the Bach Flower reference guide. Choose a formula based on the events you know have affected the child's life, combined with the symptoms that the child is exhibiting.

The wonderful thing about Bach Flower Remedies is that if you choose incorrectly and add a flower essence to the blend that isn't necessary, there will be no ill effects.

Bach Flower Essences are completely safe for babies, pregnant women, the elderly, those taking prescription drugs, and everyone in between. They can only help, never harm.