Feel5ive Remedy 20ml

Feel5ive Remedy 20ml

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A natural combination that helps deal with any emergency or stressful event.

The original Dr. Bach formulation. One product that you need to take care of all kinds of emotional stress. It is made from 5 of Dr. Bach's 38 original flower essences; Impatiens; Star of Bethlehem; Cherry Plum; Rock Rose and Clematis.


From a dentist appointment, to a car accident, to an important meeting - sometimes life's events attack our emotions and threaten to derail us. Feel5ive will rescue you from those situations. Just 4 drops prior to or during a stressful event and you'll be calm, cool and collected. Keep it handy.

Infusion of Bach flowers: Cherry Plum (Prunus Cerasifera), Clematis (Clematis Vitalba), Impatiens (Impatiens Gladulifera), Rock Rose (Helianthemum Nummularium) and Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum Umbellatum)