Would You Rather Sleep Than Play?

Would You Rather Sleep Than Play?

If you've fallen into a chronic state of thinking sleep is better than anything else you might think of doing, you're probably an Olive personality in a negative state.

This can occur after a long illness - when you've used every bit of your physical energy just to get well. It can also happen if you've spent weeks or months caring for a loved one who was ill - or if you have simply been pushing yourself too hard, working too many hours, eating an unbalanced diet, or losing sleep for any reason.

The negative Olive state occurs when you shut off communication with your higher self and fail to heed the warning signs that you're pushing yourself too hard.

Fortunately the Bach Flower Essence Olive can help you regain that lost energy. By putting you back in balance and helping you reconnect with your higher self, Olive acts as a restorative to both your mental and physical self.

Interestingly, while most of the Bach Flower Essences work to bring you back in balance after an event, Olive can help prevent exhaustion. If you know you're going to be facing a long and stressful ordeal, take it ahead of time to stay balanced and full of energy.

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