Why is everyone Irish on St. Patrick's Day?

Why is everyone Irish on St. Patrick's Day? We think... because it's fun.

We all like to have a break in routines and an excuse to be just a bit silly. Maybe we secretly hope to find a 4-leaf clover among the shamrocks and bring ultimate good luck into our lives.

Maybe deep down we all want the freedom to be that bratty grade school child who runs around pinching people.

Most of us know someone who will give us a pinch if we're not wearing green on March 17 - but how did that get started? There's an old story that says Leprechauns like to pinch (bratty school kids!) but if you're wearing green, they can't see you - so won't pinch you.

Whatever the reason - if there's a parade in your city, go and enjoy it. And if you like beer - stop in a pub and have a glass of green beer.

Meanwhile, here's our wish for you...

May your day be touched by a bit of Irish luck, brightened by a song in your heart, and warmed by the smiles of the people you love.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!