When stress CAUSES disease!

When stress CAUSES disease! Stress and worry over falling revenues is everywhere in this economy - except in the medical practices of those who treat stress-related disease.

Dermatologists, for instance. While consumers are pulling back on non-essential services such as liposuction and botox injections, dermatologists are still seeing an increase in business.

Why? Adult acne, eczema, and warts are all becoming more and more common.

These conditions are all caused by glitches in the immune system, because the nervous system and hormone systems work together. Extreme stress causes a rise in cortisol, which in turn causes a breakout. Where once that was a rare occurrence, now many are suffering from those cortisol spikes every day - perhaps more than once.

These skin problems can, of course, be counteracted with prescription drugs and over the counter remedies containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid, cortisone, and benzoyl peroxide. A cortisone injection at a dermatologist's office can also help - when you need to look your best for a public appearance or an important interview.

Some doctors, recognizing that drugs are not the only solution, are recommending stress relieving measures such as yoga and meditation or strenuous physical activity like racquetball or weight lifting.

Personally, when I feel stress creeping up, I take a 2-pronged approach. I get outdoors - either to walk or work in the yard. Pulling weeds is definitely a de-stress exercise for me!

But first, when I know I'll be faced with a stressful situation or when everyday happenings start to wear on me, I take Feel5ive - the stress relief remedy from FeelBach!

For a known stress situation, I start the night before, take it again in the morning, and again just before whatever I know is going to try to "attack" me. This works well for me when I will be traveling on icy roads, visiting the dentist, or even going into a meeting whose outcome is important to me.

If something sneaks up on me - like a jolt of unsettling news that I wasn't expecting - I reach for the Feel5ive before I let myself react.

The result - people ask me how I can stay "so cool."