Use Bach Flowers to relieve Day-to-day Stresses

Use Bach Flowers to relieve Day-to-day Stresses

You don't need to be suffering from a chronic imbalance to benefit from Bach Flower Essences.

As you know if you use Feel5ive to relieve high stress situations, using Bach Remedies for short-term situations can make your days more pleasant. Not only that, it can help prevent you from falling into a chronic state that you don't desire.

For instance, if you yell at your child and feel guilt, that feeling can build until you feel like a horrible parent. Using Pine to relieve the guilt and Impatiens to relieve the impatience that caused the yelling can work effectively to prevent a chronic state from occurring.

At the same time, you can use Bach Flower Remedies ahead of time when you know you're going into a situation where you can predict your emotional state. For instance, taking a few drops of Larch before going to a job interview can help you maintain the confidence that will get you the job.

Study the Flower Essences at and think about the situations that temporarily derail your life. Then stock up on the ones you need and take them any time you begin to fall into that negative state.

Staying in emotional balance will mean a happier life for you and all who love you.