The "Grasshopper" Personality

The "Grasshopper" Personality

When I was growing up we had an old family friend named Jim.

Jim was a very social guy, and would make the rounds of all his friends, picking up tidbits of news here and dropping them off there. It was sometimes interesting, but sometimes frustrating.

He'd start to tell a story, then switch midway and start talking about something else entirely. It was hard to follow who or what he was talking about. And then, you could be carrying on a conversation but walk into the kitchen to get more coffee and find him gone when you returned! He seldom said goodbye...he'd just wander off.

In those days I'd never heard of Bach Flower Essences, but now I know that he had a Scleranthus personality and was operating in its negative state.

Jim's behavior is how this personality is most often seen in men. In women, it is usually evident by the inability to make a decision.

Scleranthus women can drive everyone to distraction by asking for opinions, changing their minds after hearing each new opinion, then switching back again... endlessly. They miss opportunities because they simply can't decide to take action in one direction or another.

The Scleranthus Bach Flower Essence can get these personalities back in balance - so they can not only carry on a good conversation, but make wise decisions.

I wish I'd known about it back when Jim was around. But then, I guess he was happy with his odd ways. It just frustrated the rest of us!