The dog who refused to be contained

The dog who refused to be contained My friend Julie has a dog who absolutely could not be contained. When she put him in a kennel he climbed out. When she tried a fence, he dug under. He even found a way to fool an electric underground fence. And when she tried leaving him in one room of the house - oh my!

Have you ever seen a door with the bottom 18" completely chewed off? I couldn't believe how straight his lines were when he chewed off both sides of a hollow core door so that he could escape.

What was going through his mind? If she left him in the house, even while she walked out to get the mail, he immediately tried to claw through the door to follow her. But when he was outside, he didn't try to follow her car if she drove away. It made no sense, but that's how it was.

Her only option was to leave him outside, with no fence, when she had to be away.

Luckily he usually stayed close to home and didn't panic about her absence. But she was always worried. And then one day she came home to find him gone. She spent a day and a half hunting for him before he suddenly appeared at the door. He was muddy and limping, but otherwise OK. But then she worried more -

Shortly after that incident, Feel Bach! released a new formula: Home Alone. Of course I couldn't wait to call and tell her, and she couldn't wait to try it.

The happy result is that after a few weeks on Home Alone, Sammy could be trusted not to destroy the house if my friend had to leave him alone for a while. He actually seems content. It didn't happen overnight - flower essences are gentle and do their work by rebalancing a body's energy, slowly making positive changes.

Julie and Sammy had a happy ending, and I'm glad that I got to play a part in it by telling her about Home Alone.