Summertime responsibilities – Don't let them drag you down

Summertime responsibilities – Don't let them drag you down

Summertime responsibilities – Don't let them drag you down.

If you've got kids, there are summertime activities to coordinate. If you and your family are going on vacation, you've got those plans to make. If you live in an attractive area for friends and relatives to visit, you may be having house guests – perhaps several times over the summer.

And if you have a job outside of your home, you have to juggle all of those extras at home with the hours and demands of that job.

It can be overwhelming, and can knock your energies seriously out of balance.

The first step in getting your balance back is to realize that in order to be of any use to your family, your friends, and your job, you have to take care of yourself. Carve out a half hour every day to find a quiet spot and just relax, and breathe deeply. If you're a morning person, get up ahead of everyone else and savor the quiet. If you're a night owl, wait until everyone else is sleeping.

If you're filled with anxiety, take a deep breath, turn your eyes heavenward, and sigh. Do it several times if need be. This, by the way, is an exercise you can do even when you're with other people – you just have to do it quietly. If you find yourself in a meeting that seems to go on forever, try it. Do it again if you're on the phone with someone who is determined to tell you all of his or her troubles, and won't let you go. This exercise releases the pent-up negative energy that's working to keep you out of balance.

Then, turn to Dr. Bach's flower remedies to put you back in touch with your inner guides.

Agrimony will help you release tension and anxiety. Elm will help you get organized and maintain control over your life. Hornbeam will help you regain energy to face your daily tasks with enthusiasm. Larch will help you gain the confidence to know that you CAN handle all of summer's demands. Oak will help relieve the guilt you may feel over taking a half hour a day for yourself. Rock Water will help you let go of the idea that everything must be perfect. Walnut will help you cope with the change in schedules that summertime causes.

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