Mother Nature Needs a Dose of Bach Flowers

Mother Nature Needs a Dose of Bach Flowers

That's a silly statement, since Bach Flower Essences are of nature, but just the same...

Since nature can't seem to decide if it's winter or spring, perhaps treatment with the Bach Flower Remedy Scleranthus would be in order.

After freezing nights killed the temperature-sensitive flowers and vegetables in the garden, we got a shift back to warm weather. It's been so nice out that the Lilacs have started to bud out - and that shouldn't happen for another 6 months or so. Winter is yet to come.

Scleranthus is the Bach Flower Essence that treats indecision. It's for those who are chronically jumping back and forth, unable to make major decisions in their life as well as small ones.

People in this chronic state annoy and upset their friends and family quite often. They'll agree to a course of action one day, only to come back the next and try to get out of going forward with it. Even decisions about which movie to see or where to eat dinner turn into major problems.

Scleranthus personalities also have a variety of physical ailments - all opposite to one another. They suffer from hot flashes, then they suffer from not being able to get warm. They may also exhibit the classic symptoms of manic-depression. They're happy and enthusiastic one day, and completely apathetic the next.

For some this is a chronic state. But it can also be caused by life events that throw the physical body or emotional state out of balance.

Interestingly, once Scleranthus personalities get into balance through the use of Bach Flower Essences, they become confident decision makers and their presence is soothing to others.

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