Kids and Summer Camp - the Emotional Conflict

Kids and Summer Camp - the Emotional Conflict

Are your children headed off to summer camp this year?

If so, they may experience an emotional conflict that leaves you frustrated. They want to go, they know they'll have fun, but when they get there, homesickness can become the over-riding emotion.

To counteract this emotion and let them fully enjoy their new experiences, start them on the Bach Flower Remedy Honeysuckle several days before their departure, and send it with them to use while they're away. It will help to balance their energies and keep them in the present.

This is also a good remedy to use when children are forced to attend a new school due to the family's relocation, or when they go off to boarding school or college. These events trigger a mild form of the negative Honeysuckle state, which can delay their acceptance of the present and cause a longer adjustment time.

If your child also suffers from other imbalances, such as lack of self-esteem, fill out the Feel Bach! questionnaire and get a blend made especially for him or her.

Honeysuckle is most often used to treat people who can't release the past - either its pleasant memories or its mistakes. It is seen in widows who can't part with their late husband's belongings or become involved in a new relationship, even years later.

It's also seen in those who can't accept the inevitable changes that come with aging - and this resistance can actually accelerate the body's deterioration, showing up in a "defeated" carriage and poor skin quality.

Along with effectively counteracting homesickness, treatment with this Bach Flower Essence results in an ability to learn from the past, integrate its lessons into the present for use in the present and future, and to cherish good memories while releasing the negative feelings of poor ones.