Is Glen Beck a Vervain Personality?

Is Glen Beck a Vervain Personality?

If you've heard Glen Beck speak, or read much about him, you know that he will do whatever it takes to get his message across.

He has said that there's nothing anyone can do to him that will stop him. He's been at the bottom of the barrel before and isn't afraid to go there again. He even ignores threats on his life.

These are the traits of the Vervain personality.

Glen shares them with other revolutionaries – people so dedicated to their cause that they do things like tying themselves to trees or laying down in front of bulldozers to save the forests.

They care not that some turn against them, labeling them as fanatics and kooks.

And this is well and good as long as they remain in a positive Vervain state. But in the negative state, this action is self-destructive.

They can push themselves so hard that they go without sleep and without proper nutrition - so that their bodies suffer from their dedication to the cause.

In the negative state the Vervain personality cannot begin to consider a different point of view, but once restored to the positive state, he can. And, in the positive state he is much more effective at inspiring others and gaining support for his mission.

Although there are those who disagree with Glen Beck and his methods of communication, judging from the size of his following, I'd have to believe that he is operating in the positive Vervain state.

If you're dedicated to a cause and feel yourself ignoring your own health in pursuit of righting a wrong or correcting an injustice, you too may be a Vervain personality, and you may be in the negative state. If so, visit FeelBach! and let Bach Flower Essences put you back in balance.