Is Fear of Disappointment Limiting Your Success?

Is Fear of Disappointment Limiting Your Success?

Psychologists and talk show hosts like to talk about Fear of Failure and Fear of Success, but I've never heard them talk about the other fear that prevents people from reaching for the stars. That one is Fear of Disappointment.

It's tied to hope – or rather, having the courage to hope.

Some who have tried and failed in the past are so afraid of being knocked down again that they're afraid to stand up. They're afraid to hope or to make any effort at all, because it's "safer" to just stay down.

Of course, that means they have unhappy, unfulfilling lives – but at least they're not disappointed. They get exactly what they expect every day. They're living in despair, but they mistakenly think that to try will only make things worse.

According to the Law of Attraction, we get what we think about most. Those folks think about failure, so of course they get more of it. The only pleasure they get is in saying "I told you so" to anyone and everyone who dared to hope for a better outcome.

The first step in climbing out of that ever-deepening rut of failure is to have hope – and the courage to try even if failure is a possibility.

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