If Your Child is Having Trouble in School...

If Your Child is Having Trouble in School... Your child may be having trouble in school for several reasons.

He (or she) may not understand the material and needs either a better teacher or a tutor. Or, the problem might be lack of focus and concentration.

Doctors are fond of diagnosing ADD or ADHD, and do like to prescribe medications which may or may not be good for your child. If you're like me, you're fearful of filling your child's body with chemicals that may do more harm than good.

Before you take such a drastic step, consider using Dr. Bach's flower essences to help your child get his or her energies back in balance. Feel Bach's Attention Deficit formula is designed to help your child (or you) focus and pay attention. It quiets the mind, so that your child's thoughts will quit bouncing around like a grasshopper.

Another situation that keeps a child from doing well in school is fear. He or she may be afraid of a bully - in which case you need to step in. Or, fear of failure could be causing the very failure he fears. Remember the Law of Attraction - it works for children as well as adults. Thinking "I'm going to flunk this test" could bring about that very result.

If this kind of fear is hampering your child's progress, you can do two things. First, reassure him or her that your love isn't contingent on grades. Second, focus on accomplishments, and get him thinking about and talking about the things he's done well. And finally, give him Feel5ive in the morning before school, again after school, and again at bedtime. After a week or so you may be able to reduce the dosage to once each morning before school, and eventually discontinue use except in extreme situations.

The flower essences in Feel5ive will help to re-balance energies and relieve that anxiety, so your child can be free to enjoy learning.