Don't let your in-box make you sick!

Don't let your in-box make you sick! Lately, the political, social, and economic news hitting our email in-boxes has gotten louder and more alarming. Even stories that are really "non-stories" have headlines that scream "trouble, trouble, trouble." The media thrives on bad news and puts the worst possible spin on everything it reports.

Mark Twain once said "Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper." I'm not so sure about all those advertisements, but I do believe the man made a valid point. We must not believe (and worry about) everything we read or hear. If you read and worry about even half of those stories, you could spend your entire day in a knot of worry.

And what possible good will it do? If the situation is bad, your worry won't change it. All it will do is suck the joy out of your life and possibly make you ill.

The only way to remain happy and enjoy your life as the current mess is sorted out is to make a conscious effort.

First, unless there's some action you can take to correct a problem, stop giving the problems your attention. And stop forwarding those troubling stories on to your friends. Instead, hit the delete button. Send your friends the stories that are uplifting and heartwarming. Smile while you do it – and make them feel better, too.

Next, if you're feeling worried and anxious, get a bottle of Feel5ive and take a few drops 3 or 4 times a day.

And finally, make the effort to turn your thoughts to something pleasant. Think of the smile on the face of someone you love. Turn on some "feel good" music. Go outside and spend a little time with nature.

Don't waste your life on worry!