Does Your Dog Need Vervain?

Does Your Dog Need Vervain?

All Vervain types, whether human or canine, radiate energy.

However, in a human, the Vervain energy is focused. It's a "divine unrest" that causes this personality to be driven toward a goal - and not satisfied until he can pull others along with him toward the same goal.

Think of the dedicated individual at the head of a non-profit organization. In a negative state, this person uses too much pressure - annoying others with his insistence upon cooperation.

In a positive state, the Vervain individual is a powerful and focused leader.

In dogs, however, this energy shows up in less desirable traits. For instance, in hyperactivity. The Vervain dog is always on the go. He or she doesn't rest until completely worn out. This dog can be pushy - jumping on people, chasing after cars, barking at everything that moves, and getting into trouble at every turn.

The Vervain dog doesn't intend to misbehave - he's just too busy looking at the next thing to focus and pay attention to your requests for more than a few seconds. Those who happen to be fond of a Vervain dog will rightly describe them as "busy," not ill-behaved.

If this describes your dog, try adding Vervain to his or her water bowl. With treatment, this dog will be able to settle down and focus on paying attention.

To learn more about the Vervain state in humans, visit the Bach Flower Reference Guide. And if you're not sure if Vervain is right for you, visit Feel Bach! and make use of our questionnaire.