Before You Allow the School to Give Your Children Drugs...

Before You Allow the School to Give Your Children Drugs... We're reading more and more about schools insisting that active children be put on drugs so they can sit still and be quiet in class...

As the new school year begins, children are naturally restless. For them, it still feels like summer. They want to be outside, playing and enjoying life. They don't want to be stuck in a hot, stuffy classroom. Of course they're having a little trouble paying attention.

So before you decide that your child is hyperactive, watch his or her behavior at home. Don't take a stranger's word for it.

It may be true that some children need chemical help - or perhaps it isn't.

At any rate, drugged children aren't exactly alert and ready to absorb the lessons they should be learning in school. Worse, we don't know what kind of adverse affect those drugs will have on the children later in life.

So before you let them push you into drugging your precious ones, try two things: A change in diet and Doctor Bach's remedies.

Many children are sensitive to sugar and food additives. Try cutting them out as much as possible.

And... get a bottle of Feel Bach's Attention Deficit formula. The natural flower essences contained in Attention Deficit will help rebalance your child's energy and allow him or her to focus on the tasks at hand.

Even if your child has NO attention deficit disorder, it will help him or her through these initial weeks when just being in school is tough. Flower essences have no side effects and can be used in conjunction with prescription medications - so there's no risk.

And as a bonus... when you're having one of those days when you can't focus, the formula will help you too!