Bach Flower Essences and your pet's mind-body connection

Bach Flower Essences and your pet's mind-body connection Our pets are becoming so much like children now - especially for us Baby Boomers whose human children have left the nest. I wonder if keeping them with us like we do doesn't make them suffer from more human emotions than we realize.

For instance, my old Harry dog chewed holes in his feet and his tail - and it didn't matter what I tried to stop it, I couldn't. I used every kind of soothing shampoo I could find, rinsed him thoroughly, applied salve, monitored his diet, gave him Benadryl - everything I could think of.

I was treating him for a physical ailment - with no luck - but now I wonder if his chewing wasn't the result of emotional distress when I left him alone for hours every day when I went to work. He was never naughty when I left, but he did always look sad when he watched me go.

According to an article I just read, The Bach Flower Essence Agrimony works to cure both skin conditions such as Harry's and restlessness. It mentioned using Agrimony for wild animals who are caged and constantly pace back and forth, as well as for pets who just can't seem to settle down and those who seem to "suffer in silence."

Based on that information, it makes me wonder if skin irritations aren't very closely related to emotional disturbances that keep us and our pets from feeling at ease. I had assumed that Harry had an allergy - but perhaps it was an emotional allergy and not a physical one.

If you have a pet who chews like Harry did, it would be worth trying. The article also said that Agrimony would ease other skin irritations, such as flea bites, sore sutures, etc.

Of course, if you have a skin irritation it would also be a good idea to consider what emotional state might be causing it. You just might find that a few drops of Bach Flower Essences every day will cure you while prescription drugs do nothing.

Luckily, some bright physicians are finally realizing the mind-body connection. But until they all do, it will be up to us to examine our own lives and emotions and take steps to heal ourselves, with help from nature.

Wishing you (and your pets) perfect health...