Are you too shy to succeed?

Are you too shy to succeed?

The business world is competitive, and those who stay in the shadows are destined to remain in lower-level positions, even while contributing greatly to other's success.

There are times when it's necessary to speak up and speak out. There are times when one must assert themselves and be both seen and heard.

But… it's hard.

I speak from experience, because while I've always enjoyed talking with people one-on-one, I was terrified to speak up in large gatherings. Years ago, when I became a real estate broker, I felt a need to attend City Council and P&Z meetings. Then, due to the behavior of our city leaders, I learned that I HAD to speak up, even though the idea was terrifying.

Dr. Bach's flower essences helped, as did a trick I learned: Always sit in the front row so you don't notice all the people behind you.

What causes shyness, and what flower remedies help you overcome it?

Shyness can come from fear or from lack of self-confidence, and the two are tied together. You fear being ridiculed because you don't have the self-confidence to ignore what other people might think of you.

Have you ever felt that way? I certainly did.

To release fear, use Mimulus. To overcome lack of self-confidence turn to Larch.

In a negative Larch state, you may feel that you "can't" speak up for yourself. You "can't" give a presentation or meet with an important client. You're simply too sure that you'll make mistakes, or "make a fool of yourself."

Thus, you're apt to let others take the credit for your ideas or the work you've done. . When you do that long enough, you'll need another of Dr. Bach's remedies – Willow, to help you release the resentment that you yourself helped to cause.

Instead of staying in the shadows, visit Feel Bach! Today and get your own personal blend of flower remedies. Get your energies back in alignment, then go forth and create the success you know you deserve.