A Negative Red Chestnut State Can Keep You Unemployed

A Negative Red Chestnut State Can Keep You Unemployed

People in a negative Red Chestnut state suffer from an ailment called "What if."

During normal times, this ailment prevents sufferers and their families from fully enjoying life. Even when things are good, they're thinking "what if" something goes wrong.

And sadly, things often do go wrong for them, for the same reason that the ailment can keep you unemployed.

So how can a negative Red Chestnut state keep you unemployed? Through the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction says that we get what we think about most.

Worrying and thinking "What if I never find a job" can make that fear come true, because the more you think about being unemployed, the longer you'll stay unemployed.

So right now, begin working on it. When you have those thoughts, turn them to something better. For instance: "What if I find a better job than I've ever had before."

The Feel Bach! Flower essence RedChestnut will help you accomplish that goal.

Dr. Bach's essences help to re-balance your energies, allow you to listen to your inner voice, and assist you in your efforts to turn your thoughts toward a positive outcome. So don't waste another day on negative, self-defeating, "What if" thoughts. Get Red Chestnut and start toward a better future.