What is a "healing crisis"?

Dear friend, Health is a state of balance.

Such a state cannot exist without a prior process of cleansing and removal of waste on the physical, emotional, or mental levels.

Bach flower remedies work on all of these levels, particularly the emotional and mental.

Old patterns, bad habits, fears, worries, difficult-to-manage feelings, and painful memories all act as poisons on our bodies.

A process of change is simply an accelerated process of detoxification. The detox period is a period of crisis.

As the toxins leave the body, the patient reports various reactions and discomforts.

The intensity of this healing crisis differs from person to person, and there is a direct relationship between the length of the healing crisis and the "age" of the problem and its severity.

The patient may feel worse during the healing crisis than s/he did before treatment, because beforehand, there existed a false state of balance in which feelings were familiar and known.

The patient undergoes a transition to a new, unfamiliar state that causes questioning of his or her confidence.

A person being treated with Bach flowers in a thorough manner may undergo a healing crisis, which is a positive sign that testifies to the fact that s/he is undergoing a deep change and is letting go of deep-rooted problems.

Remember that the various Bach essences do not themselves cause reactions or healing crises; rather, they provide immediate relief of symptoms, but do not treat the causes of a problem. Best, Ruth