How many Flowers should be combined into a single mixture?

The number varies according to each situation.

Generally speaking, a mixture should not contain more than six Flowers. However, when putting together a mixture for initial treatment, there are frequently too many states present to hold to this limit and the number is often closer to ten.

If you cannot decide between two Flowers even after a thorough study, both Flowers should be included in the mixture.

Often it turns out that the Flower you felt was less important is the one that's needed more.

A large initial combination will result in a general clearing out or a basic clarification of the person's inner terrain.

In the following interviews the crucial reaction patterns will then be significantly more evident.

Despite the fact that "wrong choices" have no effect, it's still desirable to reduce the number of Flowers in subsequent mixtures so that you are able to focus on a few, specific reaction patterns and deal with them more effectively.