Dear Ruth, Can Bach Essences help my dog?

...He is a 2 year old Bichon that we adopted 1 year ago from the Humane Society. We know he was not trained properly and didn't get a good start. He is potty trained now, but has some allergies which is common with Bichons, but mostly he is very spastic, gets so over-excited whenever someone gets home or comes to the door. Otherwise he will not usually obey and runs away from you. He usually ducks when you go to pet him so I think he got hit on the head alot with the previous owners. He really is loving and very attached, but I would like to see him calm down in social situations. He nips people when he gets overwhelmed and I don't want to see him get into trouble. Also, I read somewhere in your information that the bottles of Essences should be kept in a paper bag. Is this neccessary if the bottle is kept in a cupboard away from the sunlight? Thanks!

Dear Bichon owner, Your dog underwent a trauma during its early years, and it’s possible that he suffered abuse or sustained an injury from which it took him a long time to recover.

Although Bach flower essences cannot provide a complete cure in such cases, they can help to bring about an improvement in behaviors that stem from the trauma.

I recommend a basic essence plus an additional essence to be given as needed.

The basic essence would be comprised of:

1. Star of Bethlehem for post-trauma treatment

2. Holly to promote a sense of trust and overall positive feelings

3. Cherry plum for calming and control

4. Chestnut bud for learning lessons and acquiring new habits.

In addition, I recommend giving him separately, as needed, Walnut to treat over-sensitivity and disproportionate responses to stimuli.

Dr. Bach nicknamed Walnut “the knot-breaker” or “the hex-breaker”, as it aids in breaking through old limitations and paving the way for life changes.

Regarding your storage question, the answer is yes. Bach essences can be stored in a closed cupboard, away from direct light.

A paper bag is used when we need to take essences away from home.

Good luck to you and your dog, Ruth